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We would like you to consider membership in the International Zen Institute of Florida. Membership represents commitment and support to the Sangha and the Zen Buddhist practice that the Sangha embodies.

Buddhist communities have always relied on the generosity of their supporters as a way of learning that, at the most basic level, we are all connected and dependent upon each other. 

The practice of giving is a complementary path leading to the realization of our deep bond with one another and with all beings; and it eliminates the craving that is dominant within us. 

Members are encouraged to pledge financial support at a level which is appropriate to their means. All members may participate in any regularly scheduled activity free of charge.
  • Initial Practice:  $20
  • Practice periods:  $15
  • Zen days:   $20
  • Suggested monthly membership: $25

Donations can be made via CashApp, Zelle, Paypal, or cash.
Receipts will be provided by request at the time of the donation (not at year end)

For questions, please contact Taigen at 786-897-4172
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