Our Zen Master Jiun Roshi is holding an online sesshin for the American sangha on July 23 - July 28th.

The International Zen Institute of Florida (I.Z.I.F.) was founded in 1989. We offer weekly sittings,  and day-long (in Miami) and week-long (in Micanopy, Central Florida) practice at different times during the year.

I.Z.I.F. is part of the International Zen Institute (I.Z.I.) that was founded in 1983 by Zen master Gesshin Myoko Prabhasa Dharma in Los Angeles. In 1999 I.Z.I. moved from Los Angeles to Wapserveen in the Netherlands where our present spiritual leader Jiun Hogen Roshi resides in the International Zen Center Noorder Poort.

Jiun Hogen Roshi comes regularly to Florida to guide our practice and lead sesshins (retreats).

Dharma Gates are limitless
I vow to enter them all

Dharma Gate at Noorder Poort.JPG

                                                                Dharma Gate at Noorder Poort