Zen Practice at Nityananda Center on Wednesdays, starting July 14, 2021


We would like to invite you to weekly Zen Practice at the Nityananda Center. This is an opportunity to realize your True Self following the insights and teachings of the Buddha as practiced in a traditional Zen School. We practice under the guidance of Zen Master Jiun Roshi. She leads a training center in the Netherlands, and periodically visits Florida to teach and lead the practice of the local community as the spiritual leader of the International Zen Institute.


The practice will be led by Juan Taigen Felisgrau, an ordained teacher in the International Zen Institute, and Ana Alexander, the leader at Nityananda Center. It will include initial instructions, zazen meditation (both sitting and walking), and short chanting. It will last about 1.5 hours, starting at 7:45 PM on Wednesdays. Meditation cushions will be provided. Suggested donation will be $15.


Please contact Ana Alexander for registration 786-333-1557


                                                     NITYANANDA CENTER

                                                     2829 BIRD AVE STE 10

                                                        MIAMI, FL 33133